Saturday, 12 September 2009

Preparing the listing of loads of fabrics all day

I just love stripping the fabrics from damaged old quilts so that they can be used again. Don't you just love the subtle colours.
My hubby tells me it was very hot outside whilst he was stripping down a huge old school blackboard easel. I hadn't noticed as I haven't stepped out of the door today. I have prepared all the listings for next week and the following Monday. So only 4 more days to do and I hope to have time tomorrow to go out in the sunshine. Perhaps I'll have a little walk along the beach, my favourite quiet beach where you walk down a tree lined lane past the horses and cows in the field and come to the salt marshes where often the sheep are grazing. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain.
I'll be back here tomorrow with the first of the listing previews - lots of beaded pieces.

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