Thursday, 24 September 2009


Tomorrow will be the last update of the Rag Rescue website in September.
There are now over 1200 items on the site so plenty to browse through.

Next week I start on the marathon long run of nine days of fairs. I leave home next Wednesday to stay with mum overnight, unload some stock and then travel back north to Stafford to exhibit at Bingley Hall. I leave Stafford on Sunday evening and then travel east to Lincoln for the new Swallow fair (ex Swinderby, not to be confused with the IACF Swinderby) I stay there until Wednesday and then on to Newark on Thursday for two days. Fortunately for me this run of 9 days only happens once a year, thank goodness.

Rag Rescue website will remain open and I will still be taking orders via my laptop. It worked well last time and  many of my website customers visited me at the fairs, which was great to meet everyone in the flesh so to speak.

Do come along if you possibly can. I take most items with me that are on the site apart from the larger fabrics, which I don't have space for, but there will be lots more haberdashery and trims to see.

I will continue to write new posts on this blog until Monday and keep you all updated with what I'm doing, apart from catching up on my sleep, but also giving details of where you will be able to find me at the fairs and order details whilst I'm away.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Raggi, I am not at gingerbread anymore have a new blog now over at wordpress, but I am still keeping an eye on you. You have come on in leaps and bounds since you started your site. Good luck with your events, If I was near there I would pop over. best wishes Julie.C