Saturday, 22 August 2009


Preparations are being made this weekend to start the vintage fabric week at Rag Rescue
Today I have been washing, ironing and cutting around fabric and fabric and more fabric.
Some fabrics were easy as they were undamaged, but others had tiny holes and wear in places so they had to be carefully scrutinised, held up to the light and tested for strength. What you see above (sorry its a bit out of focus) is only a fraction of what is to come next week. I'm not sure how many days listing I'll do yet as it depends on how I get on and how my frozen shoulder holds up, it would be my right one this time, typical. I do know however that there will be days of large pieces and days of squares and days of new scrapbags. I may not have time to take photo's for previews but will update you all on what is coming up the next day.


Frances said...

Hello from New York. I have had another visit to your beautiful site.

May I ask a techy question? What do you use to launder these precious vintage fabrics.

I manage a clothing shop in New York, and we usually advise our customers to wash our garments in cold water, using a "baby" detergent like Ivory Snow or Dreft. They don't contain any bleach (so I think) and clean gently.

I really do love what you have been doing with all your vintage treasures.


Raggy said...

Thank you for stopping by my site Frances, I'm glad you like it.
Re you query regarding cleaning of the old fabrics, like you I always use a soft wool detergent first with cool water. If this doesn not get the stains out I then use a slightly warmer water and soak for longer. If all fails and the fabric is strong then I have to use a stain remover like oxyaction which I dip the fabric in for a few moments, then wash again with a wool detergent. I always air dry and never put in the tumble drier.

If stains cannot be removed then I have to discard that particular area and cut around creating squares for patchwork and other crafts.

I never wash my antique lace unless it is for my own work as I know that customers have their own method of cleaning.

Hope this helps. I know what you mean about having your own business and not having any time to pursue your own hobbies, it is very difficult to find a happy balance.

Sorry I couldn't email this information to you as you haven't given your email address on your blog.