Saturday, 8 August 2009


As you can see Ludo is pleased to be back home and was swimming in the sea only an hour after our return.
Whilst we were away we had the plumber and builders in so you can imagine what my first job was. Actually it wasn't too bad but then they haven't finished it all, so more mess to come on Monday.
The fairs were good but the weather was dreadful at times. The marquee we stood in at Swinderby flooded right in front of us and I stood watching the water getting closer and closer to the stall. Just in time the rain stopped and the sun came out making it very hot and steamy. Typical English weather. It was rather sad to be leaving the Swinderby showground, end of an era. Unfortunately we can't go to the new fair at Lincolnshire showground as we discovered that they don't allow dogs in the new building. We will still be going to Newark of course in October and it will be good to be taking fresh stock that hasn't been seen before.

I was so delighted to see so many of my website customers at the fairs. Thank you so much for coming along and having a chat. I can now put faces to names. I'd also like to thank you all for all of your purchases.

The new venture of keeping the website on-line whilst away worked extremely well with no problems at all. I got a good connection and no items were sold twice thank goodness. In future I will keep the website open whilst away.

Due to feeling very tired and having to sort out the house after the alterations, I will not be listing new items this coming week but will begin in earnest on the 17th August. I bought so very well at the fairs , four banana boxes full, so there will be lots of treasure to look through including, great French fabrics, trims and haberdashery plus wonderful bridal headdresses and other sewing related vintage goods.

All orders placed last week will be posted on Monday and I will be back now to posting the day after orders have been placed.

Thank you all for your wonderful support.

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