Tuesday, 11 August 2009


It seems that I'm attracted to ribbons, my basket is now overflowing with a wonderful array of colourful ones. The top photo shows what looks like black ribbon but it is a very long piece of thin edging silk cord. Well that is the only way I can describe it. The silk is attached to black tape and it was used for edging clothing. You found it around the edges of bodices to give a neat tailored look. This was purchased from the Castle Howard collection when they placed items from the seamstresses stash into auction. I purchased this and many other items of haberdashery from a dealer who was retiring.


Pat said...

Oh, what a lovely collection of ribbons...would be fun to run my fingers through them!! Why we love things like this so much, I will never know...but I'm so glad we do!!! pat

Linda said...

Interesting I used to ride with the daughter when I was 13 in the 50's Linda

ewa-christine said...

So beautiful, lucky for all those textil lovers that you have so nice ribbons!!