Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pure silk chiffon cocktail handkerchiefs. c.1920s.

1920's pure silk chiffon hankies are getting so rare now. As the silk was printed just for a handkerchief the design is complete. This is why designers of today like these as they do not have any copyright on them I am told.
Tomorrow I will be listing 5 silk chiffon hankies and one silk hankie.

Just look how wonderful the silk chiffon hankies look when made into a curtain.

Don't forget to check the 
tomorrow to see these wonderful rare hankies.


Tammy Chrzan said...

I finally got to check out your website, I love it... it's brilliant!

Raggy said...

Thanks for looking at my website Tammy, I'm glad you like it. perhaps you can tell all of your friends in the USA.