Monday, 8 October 2012

Lack of internet connection stops play.

What a weekend it has been. On Friday I lost my internet connection. Well that's not strictly true, I did have connection but only for 2 minutes at a time. There was then a gap of anywhere from ten minutes to two hours before the connection came back. I rang my broadband provider and they tested and said is that everything was OK and it must be a fault on the BT line. Bt said there wasn't a fault and so it went on all over the weekend, phone call after phone call. It is driving me mad. It is now 5am and I am line but for how long I don't know. I've decided to go with just one provider and change to BT infinity. Unfortunately they can't come to fit the system until the end of October so the struggle to get online will continue. It will a long term solution but it means struggling with the business for the next three weeks.
I've managed over the weekend to sort out all the orders as they came in so perhaps it won't be too bad. 
How ever did we cope without the internet?

Above you can see the vintage fabrics that went online in the website at the weekend. I think you now realise why they are late in arriving on the blog so please forgive me.

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