Sunday, 21 October 2012

Beautiful French vintage fabrics listed on the website today.

Gorgeous French vintage fabrics have been listed today on the Rag Rescue website.

Love this embellishment. I found it on Pinterest. It would make addition to a bag or even added to a special parcel for Christmas.


Tammy Chrzan said...

Oh yes please! I love those fabrics! They remind me of the English roses, and maybe I'm odd but I have always found that English roses and Blue toile go well together. What do you think?

ted and bunny said...

as always Sandy, the fabrics are beautiful!
Hope all is well with you

Raggy said...

Lovely fabrics aren't they Tammy. you are absolutely correct English roses and blue toile go so well together. You have given me an idea, must get sewing.

Raggy said...

Hi Elaine, everything is fine here. Mum has had here operation and recovered well so we are off to get her feet moulded today for some shoes with a block in to replace the missing big toe.
I'm busy as usual, I think every day this week is taken up with one thing or another. BT are coming on Thursday to install BT infinity so hopefully I get constant internet connection. These last few weeks have been a nightmare. Not the ideal situation when you run an internet business.
How are things with you?