Saturday, 9 October 2010

Sandie opens Rag Rescue again whilst her son is playing with tigers in Thailand.

  Last Sunday as we set off to the fairs, my son Daniel and Emma set off on their year long , once in a life time, chance to see the world. They flew out to Bangkok on Sunday evening and I got a phone call on Monday morning at the Lincoln fair to say they had arrived safely.
On arriving home this lunchtime I rushed up stairs to see if they had downloaded any photo's onto their travel blog. There were many photo's of Bangkok but the ones that excited me the most were the ones where they were handling the tigers at a tiger temple run by monks.They had been on a day long trip to the 'Bridge on the River Kwai' where they visited the war cemetery. This was of great importance to Emma as her great great uncle had died there. I am so pleased that she found his grave so that she can take her photo's back to his relatives.

I thought I would just let you know that the RAG RESCUE is now open for orders again .
I have bought three banana boxes full of fabrics, trims and vintage goods plus a very special find which you will have to wait and see what that it is.
New listings start tomorrow with postcards as shown on the previous post followed on Monday by vintage lace. Your guess is good as mine as to what I will list for the rest of the week so I'd better get my skates on tomorrow. 
I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of the lace I'm listing on Monday.
Until then......

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