Saturday, 16 October 2010

Best find of the year - c.1850 baby travelling layette basket

Tomorrow I am going to list the most delightful find I bought at the fair.
It is dated July 1850 on the label which is attached to the leather handle on top of the basket cover.
As you can see this wonderful baby layette basket comes with it's own travelling canvas case, all ready to be popped onto the carriage for their holiday break.
The nanny would have got this basket out of the nursery storage, taken the cover off to reveal this wonderful basket.
The nanny must have thought how lucky the lady of the house was to have such a beautiful baby daughter and how lucky the baby was to be able to go travelling with her parents. All the nanny needed to do now was to pack all of the essential items the baby would need whilst away from home.
A lovely large space for all of baby's clothes.
A lovely tray to place all of those baby lotions, talcs, nappies and pins.
Just look at that lovely lace over pink and decorations of pink ribbon roses.
Now what do you think she might put in the pouches on the lid?
More of those ribbon flowers and rosettes.
All packed.

I think you will agree with me this was a real find.
I have seen the trays before but never the complete travelling layette. 
This basket measures 65cms x 42cms and is 36cms deep a really good size.

I just had to list this as an extra post as it is so special.

being listed tomorrow on 
the RAG RESCUE website


Country Cottage Chic said...

What a wonderful find & in such lovely condition too.


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Julie said...

I too have one of these in my possession, not in as good condition and inside it is lemon colour.
Does anybody know of a value or where I could sell it?

Raggy said...

Hi Julie,
A lemon one how lovely.I sold mine to Japan. I suggest you put it on eBay if you don't have a website. Check the shipping first though as I think it cost nearly £100 to ship to Japan. You should get a really good price for it, I did. Email me if you want any more details.