Thursday, 8 January 2009


Yesterday was my first day back at work and after such a long break I found it difficult to apply myself. It always takes me a long time to wind down but when I do I have a real job to order my thoughts. I have such a long list of things to list on the Rag Rescue site and although I make a 'To do' list the hours seem to slip by as interruptions are inevitable when working at home.
The good thing yesterday was that I managed to get my PC sorted out. It wasn't picking up the internet from the router, but now the kind man has fixed it and I'm back on line and able to send all the update emails quickly. I have just got to sort out my laptop now but that can wait.
I did manage finally to photograph and list some embellishments, trims and haberdashery, a few of which you can see in the picture above. These are fresh to the market, so I hope some of you will have use for them.
Dark days in Winter make for difficult photography so please excuse any photographs that aren't up to my normal standard. Don't forget to email me if you would like more detailed photographs or further information on an item.
Well I'd better get dressed and have breakfast now and start clicking the old camera on the lovely fabrics I'm listing tomorrow. Yesterday I had a parcel arrive from France with lovely fabrics and I can't wait to show them to you.
Until tomorrow - keep looking.

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Tracy Lorna Nors said...

Sympathies Sandy, I sometimes have days like that!
and you're right, they always come in threes! We wait for the third and then breath a sigh of relief.
Have yourself a nice Christmas drink and let it all wash over you.
Have a great Christmas despite the dramas and a stress free New Year xx