Saturday, 12 September 2015

Vintage fabric, English,deer,rabbits, birds and flowers - TS10

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I just adore this fabric with its colourful flowers and cute animals. The design is so unusual with the deer and rabbits running through the mass of flowers with the bird watching.
 The fabric is a textured linen and is very strong, ideal for a cushion front, a bag front or for other crafting, sewing uses.
 I think this piece must have been part of a curtain as there seems to have been a hem at the bottom as there is a fold line which I am sure could be ironed out. There is also a line of tiny stitch holes left by a needle, which can be seen on the photo's. Once again these should disappear with further steaming.
 The fabric measures 76cms/29.9" x 46cms/18.1"

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