Sunday, 6 September 2015

Some vintage fabrics added to my 'Feltissimo' site today

A lovely piece of English vintage rayon fabric. This would have been the fabric for a dress or blouse. Wonderful Autumnal colours in shades of orange, blue and green.

Measures - 53cms/20.9" x 28/25cms/ 11/9.8"

Superb craft fabric.

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 A wonderful piece of English vintage rayon fabric with a great floral design.

The fabric is in great condition. It came from a curtain and I have left the hems on which are on two sides.

Measures 67cms/26.3" x 57cms/22/4"

It would make a lovely cusion or used for any crafting ideas you have.

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A lovely clean looking English vintage fabric. I rescued this fabric as it had been part of a sofa covering. The fabric is a strong cotton and the colours are still bright.

There is one corner cut off so I am giving measurement mius the corner.

Measures - 57/45.5cms / 22.4"/17.9" x 33/40cms / 13/15.7"

This would make a wonderful cushion/pillow front or the front of a bag.

#vintage #fabric #cotton #colours #crafting #floral #bagmaking #cushions #pillows #crafts 

 A lovely piece of vintage English floral fabric. The fabric is cotton with a soft smooth napping on the outside. I presume this was originally made for curtains.

Measures 57cms/22.4" x 34cms/13.4"

Ideal for all kinds of crafting and sewing. This vintage fabric would make a wonderful cushion/pillow cover front.

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 A wonderful piece of vintage French silky fabric that I think was once part of a dress. It is machine embroidered in shades of cream and grey and the fabric is two tone in brown and beige.

I have not cleaned this fabric but you may want to. The piece comes as I found it.

Ideal for a collection or to be used for projects.

There are two pieces available.
The piece I will sell first measures 63cms/24.8"wide x 59cms/23.2" long
The second piece measures measures 64cms/25.2" wide x 55cms/21.7" long
Please note that there some small holes along one edge but I have not included them in the measurements.

#Frenchfabric #French #fabric embroidery #silkyfabric #silky

I will combine shipping. Please contact me so that I can send you a new shipping price.

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