Sunday, 1 June 2014

New listing regime at the Rag Rescue website


'New Listings' category.

I'm afraid I will not be listing items every day in the near future. I have decided that I will only be listing at the beginning of each month.

I would like to explain my reasons for this new listing regime.
I have been extremely busy of late, all due to my mother having to go into a care home. Three years ago, she didn't want to get rid of anything, when she left her house, so it all had to go into storage. The lock - up we found looked ideal at the time, however three years later we discovered that it was very damp due to condensation. Now that I am having to clear it out, it means that I am having to unwrap, wash and wrap everything again ready for sale. A mammoth job as there are approx. 60 banana boxes to work on. My house, now has the contents of the lock-up in almost every room and it is driving me crazy.
When I have sold everything, I want to change the room my mother lived in, into a super craft room. Afterwards I have to do our  tax returns plus the business, which I would normally have completed by now.
After telling all this to a good customer friend of mine, she said what I needed a holiday, a housekeeper and an accountant. Well I can't afford a housekeeper and although I have an accountant, I prepare everything myself to keep costs down. The holiday this year is just a 2 day trip to London to the O2 to see Monty Python, a 65th birthday gift for my husband from my son.
So... being so stressed I searched my grey matter for something to relieve the pressure I am under and came up with the idea above.

Today, items that have listed can be found in the

'New Listings' category.

Here are some images of the Items listed.

Vintage fabrics

 Vintage buttons

Vintage fabric squares

Vintage lace

Vintage embroideries


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