Monday, 30 June 2014

More Vintage French fabric at Rag Rescue today.

Just some quick info. Rag Rescue website will be closed for orders from 7am Tuesday 1st July until it re-opens on 5th July. So you have one day to get your orders in and posted this week.

Just listed this wonderful linen French fabric on the Rag Rescue website.

This is a wonderful French vintage linen fabric with a superb design.
I have a number of these and each one will have the design in a different place and some have different flowers on. All are part of the same fabric design, it is just that each piece was sewn together in a circle and gathered at the top. The top and bottom edges had hems which I have carefully unpicked for you.

Each piece measures - 81cms x 23cms ( 32" x 9")

I have 3 pieces They are separate pieces. £8 The price is for one piece. If you would like a piece then please comment here or order from the website.

Please note that due to the sunshine when photographing, the images look as if the flowers are faded when in fact they are a very strong colour.

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