Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Antique and vintage French toile fabric Wednesday

I have just placed four wonderful pieces of French toile fabric pieces on the Rag rescue website.

This French toile fabric is backed with linen. It may at one time have been part of a quilt. I would say that the design is 19th century.


A lovely design on this French toile fabric. Only £6.50

  A large piece of red 19th century toile fabric. I think it has come at one time from a quilt as there are a few stitch holes.

This piece could be used as it is or cut up into small design pieces. There are a lot to choose from, gentleman horse and rider, dogs, ducks, chickens and lots of characters.
 48/49cms x 55/57cms ... 18.9"/19.3" x 21.7"/22.4"

 A lovely design on this toile fabric. probably beginning of the 20th century.

Top 15cns x bottom 10cms x 29cms length.
Only £6.50

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