Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Antique French toile fabric listing today at Rag Rescue

It is 4.30am and I'm sitting in my study with a coffee to try and get rid of the last dregs of sleep. I had to go to bed at 6pm last night as the streaming cold that troubled me all day just got the better of me. There's only so much sleep a girl can have in one night. So here I am and thought I'd start work as I have to take mum for a biopsy this morning, out of the door at 8am even though the appointment isn't until 10am. Why is it that there is never enough parking spaces for anyone at hospitals?

Anyway back to business. At 7am there will be four wonderful antique fragments of French toile fabric going on to the website. I'll write a description for you underneath each photo and you will be able to find them at in the 'Larger fabrics' section.

 French Toile de Jouy fabric of Don Quixote - Jan8
A lovely French manufactured Toile de Jouy named Don Quichotte (Don Quixote).

A lovely pale lavender colouring on patinated ivory and with gently faded vignettes.
Probably late 19th century.

38cms x 21.5/22cms 15" x 8.5"/8.7"
Antique French red toile fragment - FB 9
A sphinx type character in a circular cartouche with grape vines above.

Great design for adding to a cushion/pillow or bag.

16cms x 15cms 6.3" x 5.9"

2 available at £5.50 each
A fragment of Antique French toile fabric - FB6
Lovely design of geese? on this fragment of antique French toile fabric.

14cms x 15/16cms 5.5" x 5.9"/6.29
Antique French red toile fabric - FB13
Lovely design of a donkey waiting to unload his heavy back pack from the rowing boat.

25cms x 17/16cms 9.8" x 6.7"/6.3"

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