Monday, 3 February 2014

Antique and vintage white work embroidered lengths and cuffs

A lovely piece of fine cotton lawn that has been embroidered and has holes to thread ribbon through.

63cms long x 6.5cms wide (24.8" x 2.6")
The embroidery is 2.5cms wide. (0.98")

 A lovely pair of ladies cuffs that have been cut off some sleeves long ago. The embroidery is very neat.

I can see these cuffs used as they are or embroidered around in coloured threads and added to a modern dress or blouse.

11.5cms (4.5") deep.

At the top on the cut edge, the embroidery is 3.5cms (1.4") deep and at the bottom the closest to where the hand is the embroidery is 5cms (2") deep


 A lovely piece of insertion embroidered whitework.

The piece is 1.11m (43.7") long and 12.5cms (4.9") deep.
The embroidery is 6cms (2.4") deep.


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