Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Vintage fabric squares at Rag Rescue today and a tutorial for fabric eggs.

I'm adding some more vintage fabric squares to the collection on the Rag Rescue website today -
These squares can be used for patchwork but also for other sewing crafts. 
See the fabric Easter eggs below made by 'RetroMama'. There is a link to a tutorial for making them.

Here are the squares which have been added today.

 4inch square - £0.40

 5inch square - £0.50

 6inch square - £0.60

 5inch square - £0.50, 4inch square - £0.40,6inch square - £0.60

 5inch square - £0.50

6inch square - £0.60
Fabric Easter made by Retro Mama. If you follow the link below you will find a tutorial on how to make them,

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