Sunday, 12 January 2014

More wonderful French vintage fabrics added to the Rag Rescue website today.

I'm feeling much better after my break away. Today is the first of many more days of listing wonderful vintage fabrics and trims.
If you click on each photo you will see a description and measurements of each fabric. You can buy them at in the 'larger fabrics' section.
 French antique fabric with a 1920s sunbathing scene - Jan 3
 What a find this was. A great printed scene on a beach of three young ladies sunbathing on the beach in the latest daring fashions.

I had a large piece of this fabric but there was quite a lot of staining in between the motifs so I had to cut them out to save the wonderful designs. This design would look superb if it was appliqued onto a cushion/pillow or bag. I think it is so unique that it would look superb framed.

The design measures 36cms across and 22cms down. I have managed to leave some of the cotton fabric around the design making the whole piece 42cms across and 24cms down at the widest points.
2 available at £15.00 each.


 Vintage French cotton fabric - Jan 8
My favourite colour scheme has been used on this wonderful fabric which dates from around the mid 19th century.

There is a small 13cms long seam rather like a dart in the centre top of the fabric but the pattern matches.

46/47cms x 36cms
Only one piece left at £8.00

This piece is sold, however I have a few pieces from different parts of the design. Please leave a comment if you are interested and I'll send you a photograph with details.

Sorry, these pieces has now been sold.

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