Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Rag Rescue 'Pick of the day' - Large piece of antique beaded net with the Glasgow rose design. Discount day.

A most amazing piece of beaded net in the Glasgow style containing a design of five 'Glasgow roses' using  white and silver glass bugle beads of differing lengths. there is a central slightly larger rose 9.5cms x 10cms and 4 slightly smaller roses 9cms x 9cms.
the roses are surrounded by trailing stems and leaves which create a flowing design all in beads.
The net is a pale pink and it has two large scallops on the bottom edge moving from 68cms plus 4 cms of beaded drops to 40cms + 4cms beaded drops at the top of the scallop shape.
The whole piece is 1.25m wide.

There is some damage to the top of the net away from the decoration at both end which could be trimmed off. However the main decorated piece is in excellent condition.

There are so many uses for this beaded piece one of which would be to use the design for other items.

The 'Glasgow rose' was a signature in many of Charles Rennie Mackintosh interior designs around 1900. It is thought that it was first used by Jessie Newbery in her textile design, although this hasn't been proved and was soon everywhere in Glasgow.

This beaded piece is very rare.

 £5.00 discount today only - down to £50.00

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