Saturday, 14 December 2013

Last minute presents at Rag Rescue website

Still need some last minute presents?
Then look no further as I've chosen some best picks for you today.

No. 1  - Sewing case

A very special sewing case made from hand made felt and embellished with lace, beads, vintage flowers, motifs and Rococo ribbon roses.
The flower shaped case has been made in four individual section which are tied together at the top with antique ivory silk ribbon. When the ribbon is untied the four section fall down to display four pockets holding a variety of vintage sewing equipment. The pockets have been made using French vintage fabric. The pockets hold a packet of vintage needles, some mending thread, a strip of Glamour buttons, four card reels of sewing silks, ribbon and lace.

All hand made.

Each petal measures approx. 5.5"/14cms high and 3"/7.5cms at the widest point.
The base is 3"/7.5cms x 2.5"/6.5cms

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 No. 2  - Antique framed painted ivory slip

 I just love these painted ivory slips. they are very rare now. Someone has framed this one in a wooden frame and you can see that the ivory slip has moved from it's original mount but this could be easily moved back. early 19th century.

The ivory slip is 2.5/3cms x 4.5cms

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No. 3 - Ladies pretty vintage floral silk hankie 

 27cms x 26cms
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