Saturday, 19 January 2013

Vintage fabric Saturday at Rag Rescue website

A few weeks ago I bought the fabric and trims contents of a house clearance. In it was a wonderful Victorian quilt although there were many patches that were damaged. I set my hubby on to unpick each good patch on Monday and he has spent all week unpicking. A great way to keep him quiet, bless him.
I just love the designs of Victorian fabrics, so as well as selling bundles of the patches I have decided to make a catalog of the designs for myself by photographing each one, printing them and making a journal for them.
When I have hand washed every single patch I will sort them out into batches ready for listing hopefully sometime in February.

Don't forget that I list items every day on to the RAG RESCUE website and today four more pieces of vintage fabric are now online in the 'Larger fabrics'category.

Here they are -

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Frances said...

That quilt sounds like a real find. I'm also a fan of Victorian fabrics and look forward to seeing the photos.

Best wishes.