Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Vintage fabric squares to enhance your sewing projects.

These beautiful summery designed vintage fabric squares have been listed on the website today.
Why not use them for making vintage fabric magnets, they would look great on your fridge door.

Go to the Rag Rescue website and see a whole variety of vintage fabrics, embellishments, haberdashery and trims at very reasonable prices.


Jan May said...

Have just discovered your blog via the new Blog Train (glad I joined - already found several lovely blogs I would never have found otherwise).

Loving the look of the blog, you're a girl after my own heart. I'm always on the lookout for fabric to add to my stash. I even get around to using some of it sometimes.

Slinks off to source fridge magnets.

JenniDMills said...

Oh, why does that keep happening ... I'm not annonymous. I'd like to know how you did those magnet

Raggy said...

Hi Jenni,
Thanks for dropping by.
I didn't make these fridge magnets but got the idea from Pinterest. Here is a link to the blog that tells you how to make them.

I would thing that you need at least a gem with a 2.5" diameter. I'm still trying to source some.

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