Sunday, 20 May 2012

Back to reality after my holiday in Malaysia.

I returned from my holiday a week ago and had dreadful jet lag after the 22 hour flight back from Malaysia. Still the holiday was worth it and we had a wonderful time on the beach at Langkawi Island, staying in an abandoned Colonial house on the top of Penang hill, visiting the Orang-utan sanctuary and trekking through the oldest equatorial forest in the world, to name but a few. Our friend who has lived in Georgetown, Malaysia for 20 years was so pleased to see us and was such a good host and without him we would not have seen half the things we did see.
Now we are going to save hard to go again in a couple of years time.
I haven't downloaded all of my photo's yet but you can see some of the beach holiday on my facebook - 'Sandra Kerensky'

Here are just a couple to wet your appetite.

This baby orang-utan was premature, but is doing well and likes taking his nappy off. Eventually he will go back to Borneo with his mother.

Our hotel on the beach in Langkawi.

Water feeding the pond outside our hut.

Orchids growing in the tropical garden of the hotel.

Watching the sunset at the bar next door.

So for the last week I have been busy listing items for the website.

Here are today's listings of vintage fabric.

I shall be back posting here every day, sorry about the delay in returning.

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