Friday, 2 September 2011

Pretty floral French fabrics

At the Rag Rescue website tomorrow

September is a really busy month ahead for me. We have the decorators coming in on the 12th so next week I have to clear the lounge and find somewhere to stack all of the boxes - problem.
I also have my son coming over for five days. He has been travelling around the world for a year and arrives at Heathrow on Tuesday from Rio. I'm not sure when he is arriving at our house but I know it will be when the decorators are here - where do we all sit?
Then at the end of the month I have my ex-husband and his new wife visiting to see the grandchildren and us. We will have to go out for a meal as the dining room will probably be full of boxes still awaiting the new carpet.

So all in all a busy month. In order to keep the Rag Rescue website going strongly and keeping up with my promise to post orders within a day of them arriving, I have spent the last three days pre-listing the next five weeks. I have taken 293 photo's and listed 190 items.

I am now exhausted so I'm off for a stiff drink. It's a good job that hubby cooks, otherwise I would be starving. Just hope we don't have any other visitors before I clean through the house.

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antique linen cupboard said...

190 items in 3 days! Wonder woman! I think I have done well if I get 20 items listed in a day. Enjoy the drink (or two) you deserve it. Chris