Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Topping up with more vintage fabric squares tomorrow

From a blustery Morecambe come more vintage fabric squares tomorrow.
It was so windy today that I had to cancel my visit to an auction. Travelling further north on the M6 over Shap fell whilst gale force winds blow can be rather dangerous as often high sided vehicles get blown over. We decided it wasn't worth the risk. After getting up at 5am and looking at the forecast, whilst the wind howled up the street from the bay we decided that the best thing to do was to crawl back into bed. There is always another day and instead of sitting for hours in an auction room I managed to get my photo shots done for the Craft Business magazine, will tell you more about the article when they send me a free copy. 
It has been a busy week with the press this week as Country Living got in touch and displayed some of my fabrics in their photo shoot on Monday for a vintage article they are running. What with more and more orders flooding in, I really haven't had time to start my normal Autumnal house cleaning. I'd just like to thank all of my new customers that have found Rag Rescue and my regulars that have purchased the vintage fabrics this month.
I've just had a delivery of a huge amount of old lace which I'm in the process of cleaning. As you probably know I don't normally clean my lace, but this was a must. Hopefully I'll start listing it in October.

Keep warm and dry and don't forget to have a browse through the new listings tomorrow.

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