Thursday, 5 August 2010

Rag Rescue's last day of new listings for a few weeks.

Tomorrow at the Rag Rescue website

So what am I going to do next week when there isn't any new listings, you might ask. 

Well I shall be busy making new scrappy parcels as I only have one left and some new scrapbags for a start. There are also loads of buttons to sew onto cards. I have a huge mountain of sales to log into my spread sheets to keep the tax man happy etc etc etc.

Hubby has already started filling up our little walled garden with his restoration work. I can just squeeze around everything to water the flowers although the rain has helped me a great deal.
It has taken him three days to strip all the rust off the Victorian iron bedstead and there is still all of the polishing to do. The old firedog grate didn't take as long and the wonderful Paddington Street street sign looks wonderful now that it has been cleaned. I daren't show you the garage. The German table and chairs are staying of course, especially now that have been newly painted, just hope there is plenty of sun left at the end of August.
For those of you that regularly read this blog you will have guessed why our little house in Morecambe is a hive of activity - the fairs are looming but not for another 10 days so there is plenty of time to place your orders. More news on that front next week.

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