Sunday, 22 August 2010

Four days of vintage fabrics being listed on Rag Rescue.

Four days of vintage fabrics are being listed this week. There are 24 new scrapbags and 7 scrappy parcels. Friday will see listings of the vintage items I bought at the fairs.
As I only returned home from the fairs yesterday afternoon, I haven't had time to open the three large banana boxes which are crammed full of vintage fabrics. Of course I'll be spending the week soaking, hand washing and ironing these fabrics rest for the wicked.

Thank you to everyone that visited us at the two fairs. I sold a lot of Rag Rescue items and had some great conversations with customers. The weather was very kind although it became very windy and stormy on Friday.

There was rather a sad moment at Lincoln when I caught someone stealing from my table. Fortunately I got the items back from her and notified the security. With our description, the on site policeman caught her, but not before she had stolen many more items (some highly priced)from other stall holders. After giving a statement to the police it rather put a dampener on the whole proceedings.
On my return home I discovered that there had already been a court hearing and she was fined £85 and kept in custody for one day. This doesn't even begin to cover the cost of the police time spent on the case, let alone the items which the stall holders couldn't sell as they were being held until the case came to court and then returned. Hardly a deterrent.
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