Sunday, 27 June 2010

Antique lace bobbins at Rag Rescue

Wooden lace bobbins were usually made for a close-grained hardwood, fruitwood being very popular. They would have been turned on a foot operating lathe.

As well as adding colour, the beads keep the bobbin steady against the pillow. The bottom bead is usually larger than the rest. Some of the other beads may be 'square cuts' which were impressed while hot with the side of a file. They are mainly red or white, occasionally dark blue and less frequently turquoise, amber, brown or green.

 Lace bobbin beads are threaded on brass wire although copper was sometimes used. At the end of a bobbin is a small hole through which the spangle is attached. This method of attachment indicates a mid to late 19th century bobbin. Early 19th century bobbins have a wire staple inserted at the base through which the beads hang.

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