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Listing Wednesday 28th Oct.at 7am GMT

Vintage lace motifs are always so popular as you can use them for such a wide variety of projects.
I am also listing a book that I found on my travels called:-
A garland of love booklet of poetry from the 17th century

This is the most wonderful book of poetry. The poems are from Herrick and other poets of the 17th century. Gathered and presented with some of her drawings by Daphne Allen.

The book is dedicated to MELUSINE and all who love the romance of other days.
There are 14 poems all either illustrated with pen and in drawings or as separate coloured removable prints. You will be able to see photographs of them on the website tomorrow.

The book has 12/28 pencilled in the front and this could be the date. However it is a very old book and as you will see from the pictures is not in pristine condition. There is foxing on almost all of the pages especially near the centre fold which is tied with a twisted cord.

This is the sort of book to treasure.

The wounded Cupid.

Cupid, as he lay among
Roses, by a bee was stung;
Whereupon in anger flying
To his mother said, thus crying:
"Help! O help! Your boy's a-dying"
"And why, my pretty lad? said she.
Then blubbering, replied he,
"A winged snake has bitten me,
Which country people call a bee."
At which she smiled, then with her hairs
And kisses, drying up his tears,
"Alas!" said she, "my wag, if this
Such a pernicious torment is.
Come tell me then how great's the smart
Of those thou woundest with thy dart!"

Herrick (1591-1674)

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