Monday, 11 August 2008

Many old fabrics rescued.


I was very pleased with the fabrics I found at the fairs. It took a lot of leg work and a great more haggling than usual but I managed to buy antique and vintage fabrics from France, Belgium, Germany and the UK at a reasonable price. Gone are the days when there were tables upon tables of old fabrics. Most have either been sent along for recycling and made into rags or they have been shipped abroad.
Of course some dealers are on a different planet to the rest of us. I picked out a square of French fabric around 20 inches square and the price being asked for it was £46. It wasn't in perfect condition and I would only have got two scrap bags out of it. Well I suppose that dealer will be keeping her fabrics for a very long time.
Unfortunately my normal dealer wasn't at the fairs so I will have to wait until October for the really cheaper pieces.

Now the washing and ironing marathon begins.

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