Friday, 1 August 2008

The Japanese ladies love Rag Rescue fabrics..

A few weeks ago a lovely Japanese lady from Japan purchased fabrics from Rag Rescue.
Since then we have been communicating regularly using that wonderful invention the translation widget.
The Japanese love our old fabrics and 'M' is no exception. She has previously made the items you see here using English and French vintage fabrics and I am sure you will agree with me when I say they are so beautiful and incredibly well made. 'M' insists that she is only an amateur, and creates them in her spare time.
A big thank you goes to 'M' for allowing me to show her work.

At the international Antique Fairs, 'Rag Rescue' sells to customers from all over the world and now that we are live on the web, our customers return time and time again.

You will be able to find us next week at the International Antiques and Home Show at Swinderby in the 'B' Marquee and at the Newark International Antiques Fair in the George Stephenson building at the far end.

Come along and have a fun day.

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