Monday, 7 July 2008

FREEBIES - Increase your stash.

YES! I'm giving away some freebies as an introduction to a new line - STASH BAGS.

The first three people who leave a comment will get a FREE stash bag with FREE postage.

When these STASH BAGS are introduced on the RAG RESCUE website they will cost £3.50 + postage.

If after the first three comments have been left, you would like to but a Stash Bag then still leave me a comment requesting a purchase.

After you have left a comment then PLEASE contact me via my profile and contact email address, so that I can discuss postage details where necessary.

This is an example of a STASH BAG. It will contain similar items. See the images below and click for a larger version.

Fabric, 2 small pieces of lace, cotton

3 lengths of ribbon, braid, 3 fabric strips

length of sequins, gold coloured braid

Vintage buttons including mother of pearl

3 embroidery silks

2 small quilted squares from an English Victorian quilt.

Obviously colours will vary as this is just an example..
Best of Luck


Beate Knappe said...

IÄm the first? thats unbelievable - yeepie :-)))


cpullum said...

Wow I would love some of that stash!!! in USA

Jenny said...

What a wonderful idea. Cant believe I arrived second

lalafelt said...

I took so long to type I was 3rd and I didnt link it...hopeless...I think this might work and really I am Jenny but use Lalafelt! You can tell Im not very techy, Which is why I rarely post..just takes me too long.

Raggy said...

Thank you to everyone who contacted me and congratulations to the first three people who won the freebie Stash Bags. I'm hoping to list some on the website either today or tomorrow and will write a post on the blog when they are available there.

Remember you can still order a Stash bag by leaving me a message here on this post.