Monday, 21 July 2008

Beautiful gold metallic embroidery

I just love the old metallic embroidery. It is so superbly executed. I bought this piece of velvet on eBay, just for the gold work. It was probably originally made for use as a dress bodice front but would look superb incorporated into a larger piece or indeed framed as it is.
I was even more delighted when I turned this piece over, to find that it was Russian as it has a clear stamp. My excitement was because I love all art works Russian as my husbands family comes from Russia.

This piece really cheered me up, as it arrived on the same day as my hospital visit to see the consultant. Still, not too serious, just that my gall bladder has to come out. At least I now have a date for the operation for the 16th September so the sooner that comes along, I can back to normality. The last 6 months have been difficult for me to work at my normal pace, I even had to leave my stall at Newark Antiques fair at the beginning of June and be carried off in an ambulance to Lincoln hospital. So you can see that I won't be shedding any tears over the loss of my gall bladder.

So if I'm not writing as much as promised this is the reason. I will try to keep the Rag Rescue website going as long as I can, so keep sending in your orders. Hopefully, I will manage to get around Newark this time and buy some wonderful French fabrics for you all.
I'm off to do the fairs at Swinderby on 4th - 6th August and Newark on the 7th & 8th August, so if you have any requests, please send them before I set off.

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Nathalie L. said...

It's a wonderful piece. Thank you for your blog.