Sunday, 2 December 2007

Christmas cards from scrapbags.

I wanted to make some Christmas cards for those close to me. This card is for my dear mother. She has not been well for a number of years first with cancer and then a host of other things adn lately with her hand which was operated on and is not recovering very well. She soldiers on so bravely. I know she loves the things I make so Mum this card is coming your way.

This card is for my mother-in-law. She is in her mid 80's and almost blind, so I wanted to make something tactile. The lace flaps open and the card is covered in antique beads, so hopefully she will get sme joy from it.

The one above is for my dear friend Clare. She has been such a support for me over the past three weeks when I was having family problems. I just don't know what I would have done without her.

All these cards have been made from the scrapbags I sell with additions of vintage and antique trims.

Please see the variety I have on my website
or join me at the Swinderby Antiques fair on Tuesday or at the Stafford fair next Friday, Saturday and see a good selection.

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