Saturday, 31 March 2018

Beginning to fill up my Etsy shop with lots of lovely fabrics.

 Well we had a good SALE of textiles and textile related items, on Thursday.
Because it is Easter at the moment, I thought I would leave the SALE up on facebook as I know some people go away for a few days
You can see the link at the image on the previous post.
i must admit I am beginning to feel more rested now, especially as I've had a few good nights sleep. I hadn't realised how rushing backwards to the hospital for almost three months, had worn me down.
I still go to see mum but now that she is in a nursing home the stress of her care and well-being is under control.
I have spent today sorting out some lovely fabrics for the shop and the one's you can see on this post are now listed at
Everyone is welcome to have a quick browse.


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