Monday, 26 September 2016

Vintage French fabric - Indienne cotton design

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There is a beautiful floral Indienne design on this vintage French cotton fabric.

The fabric has the stamps - By Charles Demery S A. Tissu Souleiado

Souleiado is not the only producer of such Indienne prints today, but it is the oldest, established in c.1806
Souleiado; the word in old Provençal means ''a ray of sun shining through the clouds after a rain.''

Due to demand, in 1977, the cottons were printed in factories, instead of by hand blocking.

The colour and design on this fabric lend itself towards use for Christmas items. Cushion covers, table mats, table runners etc would all add that little extra cheerfulness at Christmas time.

30.5cms x 31cms

I have four pieces of this fabric, if you would like to buy more than one piece then they will come as one piece uncut.

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