Sunday, 24 January 2016

Antique Honiton lace and net Veil - L2

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I recently bought a lot of lace which was acquired from 'The Hermitage' Country House in Northumberland. This house had been untouched for at least a century in fact it was a time capsule. The Morant family had thrown very little away and items were stored very well in attics etc.

This is a lovely wedding veil that is edged with motifs of Honiton Lace.
The Veil has a ribbon threaded through the net at the top which gathers the veil.
In very good condition.
The width of the veil is 45.67" x 21.65" deep .......1.16mwide x 55cms deep.
The side motifs are 1cm across and the motifs at the base are 5cms deep.
Colour - light cream
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