Monday, 19 May 2014

Smocking day Monday at Rag Rescue

Why not try your hand at smocking. Today I have put four pieces of unfinished smocking, c.1950's, onto the Rag Rescue website. These will give you an introduction into smocking. Embroidering smocking will be easy as all you have to do is follow the pattern. All of the gathering has been done for you.
I bought over 50 pieces of embroidered smocking from the 1950's and almost the same amount of prepared smocking ready for embroidery work to be embarked upon. All of the completed pieces have now been sold.

The smocking came from a house clearance where the lady created childrens clothes for 'Liberty'. The smocking is perfectly executed as you would expect it to be if it was going to be sold by 'Liberty'.

These pieces do not have to be used just for childrens clothes, they can be used on bags and would make the most wonderful central pieces on cushions.See more ideas below.

Ideas for using smocking.

I made a felted piece for my granddaughter on how a rainbow was made and have turned two of the smocking pieces into birds.

 The sea, by Tinctury.

Peacock by Tinctury

Amulet by Tinctury.
Send me your smocking creations and I will make a special post for them with links to your blog or facebook.Let's share ideas.

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