Thursday, 6 March 2014

Vintage ribbons and vintage fabric weaving strips at Rag Rescue

Wonderful vintage ribbons today at Rag Rescue.
An early 1900s French silk and organza ribbon sample and an early 1900s French silk ribbon sample , both superb quality. Also three reels of vintage swiss ribbon.

NEW PRODUCT at Rag Rescue today - bunches of weaving or bunting vintage fabric strips.
When vintage fabrics arrive on my doorstep they often have seams or torn edges. I always trim these.

I think you all know me by now, that I never throw anything away, if I think it can be recycled. So over the years I have build up quite a collection of these vintage fabric strips.

I started to do some weaving a few weeks ago with some of the strips within a wooden embroidery frame and thought that it was a great idea. You can see a picture below of my unfinished project.

I have seen on Pinterest how some people have used strips of fabric for bunting. I am sure there are lots of uses for these.

In my haste to photograph these I forgot to iron them straight but I am sure you will forgive me for once.

There are 25 strips in each bundle and each strip is approx 50cms/19.6"long.

I have 10 of these bundles at the moment and it will be pot luck which you are sent. Although each bundle is individual they all have a good variety of designs and I don't think there are any strips that are the same within a bundle.



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