Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Deep crochet edging and white work shamrock motifs

I'm placing some gorgeous deep crochet edging on the Rag Rescue website today. It is ideal for sheets and quilts etc. It is so rare to get deep crochet like this any more. There is also some lovely white work motifs in the shape of a bow and shamrocks which are great for adding to sewing projects.

 This beautiful crochet edging has 16 large shamrock patterns in the design. There is one slanting edge.
It measures 2.14metres by 17cms at the widest point.

 This is a lovely  motif showing a large bow which has been embroidered in satin stitch on the linen fabric.
Approx. 23cms wide and 7.5cms deep at the widest points. The linen measured down the centre is 10cms.

 This is a superb motif of a shamrock leaf with the stem and leaves. the embroidery is of a reasonably high standard.

I have a number of these individual motifs and the linen on which they are stitched varies in size and shape
The embroidery is approx 5/6cms deep by 4cms wide.

This embroidered satin stitched shamrock has a small amount of linen surrounding it so that it can be turned under when adding it to your creations.

The actual embroidered shamrocks vary from 6cms x 4.5cms to 6.5cms x 4.5cms

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