Monday, 10 June 2013

Antique French toile fabric

What an exhausting day I've had. Yesterday my hubby slipped over whilst walking the dog and this morning his ankle and leg was badly swollen. I finally persuaded him to get an appointment at the doc's. He hates going but I was concerned. After going to see the nurse he was sent for an X-ray and told that he had broken his fibula. So off we go at 4.30pm back to the doctors who will take a look at the X-ray and probably send him to hospital to be plastered up.
My husband does all of the shopping cooking, walking the dog and trips to the post office, so gues who has to take all of that on now as well as run the business, look after mum and I still haven't dome the tax returns.
Still, I know that Steve would do the same for me and he never moans although he is obviously in a lot of pain, bless him.
I did manage to get some of my latest bundles of vintage fabric washed and ironed over the weekend and this afternoon managed to photograph them all. here is a sneak preview of them.


Christine said...

Your poor husband, hope his leg heals quickly

Sandra Kerensky said...

Thank you Christine. He now has a full plaster on and has to go back next week . Hopefully he will be able to put his foot down on the floor then instead of hopping around on crutches.