Sunday, 15 July 2012

Vintage fabric

I've been rather lax of late with posting previews of items I'm putting on the Rag Rescue website. I do apologise for this. My mother, who lives with us, has been suffering for many months with an ulcerated big toe. Unfortunately the infection spread into her bone. After weekly visits to the podiatrist 10 antibiotics a day for 10 weeks and many xrays and CT scan, it has been decided that the infection had spread down the entire toe and it now has to be amputated. As mother is 85 years old this has all been rather traumatic for her.
I have kept the listing coming each day and will continue to do so for the future, as I list ahead, but I'm afraid by the evening I have been rather shattered and not had the energy, hence morning posts.

Anyway enough of that, here are today's listing of lovely vintage fabric, I hope you like them.

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