Friday, 6 April 2012

Blogarama causes problems on blog sites.

Apologies if you couldn't get on this blog yesterday and instead got a large screen telling you that it was dangerous to go on the site. So did I.
This morning I googled the problem and discovered that my blog was fine and didn't contain any nasty viruses. The problem is with
I had put a link to, on the right hand side bar, ages ago. Apparently they have been hacked and it was only dangerous if someone clicked on the link.

I have removed the link so all is well.
Apparently this is happening to 1000's of blogs so if you have the link on your blog then I suggest that you remove the code.


Chasey said...

I cannot log in to my account to remove that link to Blogarama, and I am not allowed to contact their support team to log a ticket. so what do I do now? Please help

Raggy said...

Hi Chasey, sorry I can't leave you a message on your blog as there isn't a link to you.Have you tried signing in with your google account. Sorry I'm not sure what you can do. try and see if there is a blogger forum as someone there may be able to help you. I'm afraid I'm not technically minded enough to help.

JafaBrit's Art said...

wow, thanks, I had this problem this morning and couldn't remember what sort of link it was.