Friday, 4 November 2011

Vintage fabric at Rag Rescue tomorrow

More lovely vintage fabrics tomorrow at the Rag Rescue website

I think I said a few posts back that my mother has come to live with us. It has taken her a few months to adapt to living in a totally different area. I think she has relaxed into our style of life which is very different to the one she left behind. The next stage is for us to adapt to having her live with us. It is mainly me who has to adapt in terms of organising my days in a totally different way. There seems at the moment to be so many doctor and hospital visits planned that I have found myself working into the small wee hours in order to keep the business going and giving my customers the same degree of service that they are used to. All of this has inevitably taken it's toll on me, so things have to change. Of course the business can't suffer and neither can I nor my mother but I've come up with a plan so hopefully the service that you receive will be exactly the same but I will feel much more awake and far less stressed hopefully.

Sandie xx

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