Thursday, 17 March 2011

Blog posts and Rag Rescue links from kind trade and customers.

This is a great blog to link to. Elaine has many followers and even more on eBay where she does the majority of her selling. Why not go over there by clicking on the link above and see for yourself.

I've been buying and chatting and chatting and buying from Elaine for many years now and if you have been following my blog you will know that I've been selling some wonderful 1950s smocking pieces lately. I bought these from Elaine and she has written a very kind post about how I used a couple of these smocking pieces in my felt work.
Thank you Elaine and thank you for the link.

On the same day as Elaine's post, I got an email from a lovely customer called Diane. She too had written a post which included a mention of Rag Rescue as she had used some fabric trimmings she bought from me and included in a collage she made. The collage is great and thanks for the write up Diane. 
The post can be see on the Pantry violets blog ' Memories of Summer post.
This is a great blog.
"Pantry Violets" are women who met by chance in the Dordogne in France on a craft workshop. The women came from a variety of countries and so have lots of interesting posts to write especially on their ideas and creations.
I have already had some large orders from the friends Diane made. 
Thank you so much Diane.
Diane also has her own  blog called
Another must read.

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