Sunday, 4 July 2010

Vintage fabric scrapbags start a new vintage fabrics week at Rag Rescue

I had got so low on vintage fabric scrapbags that I thought I ought to make some more.
I noticed that the category 'scrapbags' on the website was almost full of sold items and must be frustrating for those customers trying to find one they like, that was available. So I have cleared out all the 'sold' ones and I hope that helps.

Vintage fabric scrapbags contain 4 pieces of vintage fabric, each measuring 12cms x 18cms at only £3.50


ted and bunny said...

these look really lovely!
i hope you're having a good summer

Raggy said...

Glad you like the scrapbags I sold all of them except one within the first hour, will have to make some more now.
Yes having a lovely Summer thank you, managing to get in a few walks and play with the grandchildren. Off down to Surrey next week for a few days to see my son get his second graduation in acute care. I'm really envious of them, they are taking a years career break to travel around the world in October. Oh to be young again and know what I know now.
Hope your Summer is living up to expectations.
By the way love your horse and his new coat, very trendy.