Thursday, 17 December 2009

Could things get any worse.....

Midst all of the preparations for Christmas which I was way behind on anyway, disaster stuck not only once but twice. Two days ago my computer pc died on me. I have no idea what happened, it was running perfectly and decided to re-boot itself then got stuck and apparently the NTLDR was missing.
So I packed it all away to get out my laptop. Unfortunately I hadn't backed up since I came back from the fairs so I'm having to all the work again, fortunately I kept all of the paperwork. However there are lots of things that I am missing like my family photo's that were taken recently and of course all of my emails. I'll have to get it sorted out in the new year.

So I decided to wash all of my lounge curtains for Christmas just to take my mind off it. Everything went well with the smaller windows but the larger windows are very large and I hadn't washed them before. I just managed to get one curtain in the tumble drier but....although I kept taking it out to shake it when it was finally dry there were huge scorch marks on it. The curtains are white, all white so no pattern to hide the marks. I've searched the web and found that hydrogen peroxide removes the scorching marks so guess what I'm going to be doing all day, that is when I can get hold of the peroxide.

Just waiting for the third thing to happen now.

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pwl said...

The third thing needn't be something that happens to you! Let's add my temporary crown which has just come loose after my root canal yesterday - that makes 3 things. Now we can have some good luck!