Saturday, 14 March 2009

Last listing day until April

Here is a preview of SOME of the items I am listing in the morning at 10am
Thank you to the people who emailed me with their requests. I will be listing Antique and vintage lace white and cream, faded linen and vintage silk embroidery threads as requested.

I have not been feeling well today and so have been working very slowly I'm afraid. Although I intended to list items every day until the middle of next week I have made a decision to make tomorrow my last day of listing until I return from the fairs at the beginning of April. This does not mean that the website is closed it is just that I won't be putting anything else on until April. Please keep your orders coming.

I have been buying a lot recently especially the antiques and before they go out to the fair, they all have to be cleaned, polished and labelled, packed up carefully etc etc. On top of all that I have to get my records up to date, for when I return from the fairs it will be the end of the financial year.

Having said all that I have to prepare many of the new Rag Rescue items ready to take, ensuring that they are all cross referenced to the website so that I can recognise what has been sold.

SO if you have been pondering about buying an item on the site, please don't hesitate as the site will be closing temporarily on Friday evening the 27th March until Sunday the 7th April.

April is our busiest fair of the year with more foreigners visiting than at any other time of the year especially this year with the state of the GB pound. I sell numerous items of Rag Rescue
at the fairs so I'd hate you to be disappointed.

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